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My name is Jake. I write and play music. I try to be a storyteller as well.

29, Male

composer, job-hopper

Jacksonville, FL, USA

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Congrats on the gig. Your mockups have really paid off, and from listening to the audition pieces you submitted, they sound so authentic. You're perfect for the job. Happy for you, mate.

Regarding Apple, they want people to think they're more than a software company hence their short experiment with Macintosh clones ending in the 90s. Companies were making better computers with their software for less. I use Logic so I can attest to it's versatility. Works great on my Hackintosh.

High five for being Hackintosh bros!

@Phonometrologist @JacobCadmus HAHAHA Yes!

Wow, what an amazing mockup! You'll do an incredible job on that fan film; really hoping it gets you a path upward for your career, because you definitely have the creative talent and portfolio to back it up. I'd personally love to see some more walkthroughs of each piece once the film is available! Quick tip: pressing the "E" key opens and closes the piano roll of highlighted regions.

Congrats. Don't worry much about your day job, now you got an actual day job! :D

Because of some channels I follow on YouTube, I heard about Disney claiming the fan film "Vader", which captured my interest. I checked the film out, and found it to be amazing. I was impressed with the work of the composer, and imagine my delight and surprise when I saw your name pop up in the credits!

Congratulations on the success! And my condolences for the drama with Disney, though I'm unsure of how involved you are. I hope you're doing well :)